Frequently Asked Questions


No. FinMitra does not charge any fees to the investors.


FinMitra enables you to invest in MFs, and corporate FDs & RDs

Goal Based Investing

FinMitra has a highly-qualified investment professionals who undertake extensive analysis of the mutual fund performances, deposit options, and match them to your unique life-stage, to give you a portfolio that is custom-fit for you.

Mutual Fund Investing

  1. Professional fund managers
  2. Diversification which means that the MF scheme holds a broad -range of assets, reducing the effect of of a possible decline in value of any one security. Typically this was available only to wealthy investors who held a basket of investments
  3. Liquidity, in open-ended funds, you can get your money back promptly, from the fund itself
  4. Transparent: Mutual funds are governed by SEBI, provide a lot of information, including the NAV daily, and publish scheme documents and update the same regularly.
  5. Convenient: Rather than having to transact and monitor several investments, mutual fund offer the freedom of owning several assets in one.


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