How It Works

What are Goals?

Typically, Financial Goals are set for important life objectives. Examples include: a foreign graduation for your daughter, or aspiring to retire at the age of 55 instead of the usual 60 years.

Goals have a defined:-

  • Time Period: By when you want to achieve the objective
  • Target: How much money do you need

Our goal setting calculator will help you quantify your goals. Don’t worry if you don’t know the exact details, you can explore various alternatives.

How do we know how much risk you can take?

Your risk personality is assessed against 5 levels from ultra-conservative to high risk, based on your responses to our risk calculator.

Get customised, expert investment advice. For free.

On what basis is the personalised investment plan generated?

For each goal, you will get an investment plan that tells you how much money to invest every month & where you should invest. These plans are based on your time horizon and risk profile.

You are “On-Track”, when the goal can be achieved, within all the inputs that you have provided.

If ‘Off-track’, you can play around with our goal-setting calculator to see what changes and combinations work.

Lay the foundation to achieve your dreams.

Know Your Customer or KYC Process is a one-time process for all mutual funds. For FDs & RDs, you have to fulfil the KYC process separately with each issuer.

FinMitra will guide you and assist you, to get your KYC completed with minimum fuss.

Progress with our performance monitoring & timely recommendations.

Making an investment, is like sowing a seed, one of the simplest steps. In the long-run, your garden grows and thrives only with watering, de-weeding, fertilising and pruning.

Similarly, to grow your money, your investments need to be continuously monitored, portfolio performance analysed, and then you have to decide the best course of action. This is challenging in terms of time, effort and expertise.

That’s why FinMitra will handle this for you. You can relax knowing that we are working hard to generate & improve your yield.

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